The Association organizes another international conference

On December 5-6, 2023, the tenth international scientific conference will be held at the WDW Rewita conference center in Rynia on the topic: “Security of the Republic of Poland in the national and international dimension – conclusions from the last decade”. The organizers include research and teaching entities, including universities and military academies, expert centers and scientific institutes from eight countries – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. The organizers from Poland include the Polish Association for Security. This year’s edition will be held for the first time under the auspices of the NATO DEEP (Defense Education Enhancement Program) and NATO DEEP eAcademy (

The deliberations are intended to foster understanding of the essence of changes taking place in the security environment, redefinition of factors affecting state security, as well as verification of applicable legal and organizational solutions. Moreover, searching for systemic solutions aimed at increasing the level of national and international security. The goals of the conference are also: (1) integration of the scientific community towards the problems of the present and future, (2) searching for areas and topics of cooperation, (3) exchange of research experiences, (4) stimulating an interdisciplinary debate on the context and conditions of changes in the security environment regarding the following dimensions: political, military, economic, socio-cultural and informational.