2000 – association of Olsztyn businessmen in order to implement actions against crime, especially increasing kidnappings for ransom

21.08.2001 – registration in the National Court Register of the Warmia and Mazury Association for Security

2001 – 2019 – prevention and information activities to ensure security:

  • monitoring the serving of dangerous offenders and intervening in cases of requests for early release or treatment outside prisons;
  • opposing the dismantling of the anti-terrorist group and the reduction of the police garrison;
  • participating in efforts to establish a Court of Appeal in Olsztyn;
  • petitioning the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Internal Affairs and bringing about the transfer of the case of Krzysztof Olewnik’s kidnapping and killing to the Olsztyn prosecutor’s office. Through a number of activities, participation in 30 trials in the District Court in Płock, ruthless pursuit of the goal, the Association contributed to the capture, trial and conviction of the perpetrators;
  • long-term participation as an observer and legal support in the process of kidnapping of a businessman from Pruszcz Gdański by a citizen of Belarus;
  • signing of an agreement with the NSZZ policemen obliging them to cooperate in police matters having a direct impact on the safety of the residents of Olsztyn;
  • supporting the “Foundation for the Support of Widows and Orphans of Fallen Police Officers”;
  • cooperation with the Prevention Department of the Voivodeship Police Headquarters in Olsztyn in the organisation of the annual “I take care of my safety” action aimed at children;
  • participation in the “Safe Olsztyn” festival;
  • participation in the action “A week of helping victims of crime”;
  • inviting experts and organising a conference on kidnapping for ransom combined with a press conference at the Olsztyn Provincial Office;
  • co-organisation of scientific conferences at the University of Warmia and Mazury on the subject of kidnapping for ransom;
  • raising the issue of the threat posed by persons conditionally released from prison and involved in kidnappings or who are members of serious criminal groups;
  • holding a press conference on the increasing activity of organised crime groups from Kaliningrad;
  • thwarting the early release of the head of the kidnap group;

12.2021 – Reorganisation of the Association and setting of new goals

13.06.2022  – change of name to Polish Association for Security