The Association as a co-organizer of an international scientific conference

On April 11-12, 2024, an international scientific conference will be held at the conference center of the War Studies Academy in Warsaw on the topic: “International Security in the Conditions of Russian Imperial Policy”. The Polish Association for Security is among the organizers from Poland. This year’s edition will be held under the auspices of the NATO DEEP program (Defence Education Enhancement Programme) and NATO DEEP eAcademy (

It should be emphasized that participation in the conference will be possible only after receiving a personal invitation. The Chatham House rule will apply, which states that when a meeting, or part of it, is held according to it, participants may freely use the information obtained, provided that the identity and affiliation of the speaker, or any other participant, are not revealed. In practice, this means that speakers may express their views and present research results, give statements and take an active part in the discussion, but it is not allowed to disclose the sources of statements and comments.

The programmatic assumption of the conference is that the Russian Federation, by triggering the war in Ukraine, has a significant impact on the conjuncture of the global order, including at the political and economic levels. The turbulences related to these activities encourage constant in-depth reflection by scientists and experts dealing with the issues of strategy, military art, use of troops, law, international relations, social phenomena and economics.

Hence, the organizers, striving to create a special forum for the exchange of views, opinions and opinions, based on the research achievements of many scientists in the field of security, intend to focus the debate on the broadly understood security of the front line of NATO and Central Europe in the context of the upcoming NATO summit in Washington and threats from the direction of the Russian Federation.