GETES Foundation & NATO DEEP eAcademy Summit features our participant

From 13 to 14 July 2023, the first GETES Foundation & NATO DEEP eAcademy 2023 Summit took place at the International Congress Center in Katowice, Poland. This was the inaugural meeting of the 2023 series of founding events on all continents of this global foundation. In addition to the excellent presentations by VR researchers and educators, the meetings focused on shaping the ideas for global standardization of VR/AR/XR/SR technology usage in education, training, business, and skill acquisition, also within the new security environment.
The summit provided an excellent opportunity for professionals, researchers, and administrators to share their knowledge and experience. The director of Polish Association for Security – Jarosław Tokarczyk participated in this event.
The organizers aimed at collaborating with leading technological industries, military, gamedev and game studies researchers, extended reality specialists, medical engineers, data scientists, experts on the protection of cultural monuments, experts on teaching the use of direct coercion and patriotic attitudes, sociologists and psychologists, cybersecurity experts in an effort to introduce global standards related to production, utilization and certification of new educational technologies. During specialized panels and workshops, the latest technical solutions related to serious gaming and extended reality technologies, and their applications in education, business, training and security environment were discussed. Since serious gaming is an effective tool compared with traditional methods of training, this area is systematically explored by the NATO DEEP eAcademy jointly with its partner institutions, Polish Association for Security included.