Echoes of Security Resound in Mikołajki – Report from the 9th European Congress of Local Governments

Mikołajki, Poland – March 4-5, 2024 – The picturesque town of Mikołajki served as the backdrop for the 9th European Congress of Local Governments, a prestigious event that brought together over 2000 participants from more than 30 countries. The focus of the Congress was on debating key challenges facing the contemporary world, with a particular emphasis on security. Amidst the rich thematic tapestry of the Congress, security issues were prominently featured. A dedicated thematic track, “Politics and Security” and “Culture and Education,” provided a platform for experts from various fields to exchange views and experiences. Several panel discussions sparked significant interest, including: “How to Build Security in Europe Consciously?” – Experts deliberated on strategies for strengthening security on the continent in the face of growing challenges. “Why Did Russia Not Win the War in Ukraine?” – An analysis of the reasons behind the failures of the Russian aggression and its impact on the geopolitical balance of power. “Drones in the Service of Security, or How to Increase the Capabilities of Uniformed and Rescue Services?” – A presentation of the latest technologies and their applications in uniformed services. “Strategic Pause” – An author’s meeting with Marek Budzisz, a renowned security expert. 

The rising awareness of the importance of security education has led to this topic occupying an increasing space on the Congress agenda. This is due to the efforts of organizations such as the Polish Security Association and NATO DEEP eAcademy, whose representative actively participated in the discussions. Representing both organizations, Jarosław Tokarczyk not only made valuable contributions to the discussions but also participated in a panel discussion, sharing his knowledge and experience. The 9th European Congress of Local Governments once again proved to be a platform for dialogue and cooperation at the highest level. The exchange of views and experiences in such a distinguished gathering will undoubtedly contribute to building a safer and more prosperous Europe.

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