The Association co-organizes event under the NATO DEEP Georgia programme

Between 26th-31st January 2024 NATO DEEP eAcademy and the Polish Association for Security organized an ADL workshop within the scope of NATO DEEP GEO in Olsztyn. This event hosted four participants from The David Aghmashenebeli National Defence Academy (NDA) from Georgia. The NATO DEEP eAcademy Team provided workshops on: (1) analysis of situation and needs of ADL in Georgia. Setting the scope of activities for 2024; (2) good practices in military education on the example of activities in DEEP eAcademy; (3) supporting digital transformation through long-term faculty development programmes – a case study of the e-Instructor Certification Programme; (4) new trends and tools in education and training (AI, VR,AR); (5) new technologies used in education from the teachers’ perspective (AI/VR). Digital competence for e-teachers; (6) NATO DEEP training proposals.