Meeting at the Georgian Embassy in Warsaw

March 11, 2024, at the Georgian Embassy in Warsaw, located at 2 Kryniczna Street,
Jarosław Tokarczyk, General Director of the Polish Association for Security, met with Diana Balarjishvili (First Counselor) and Colonel Ivan Buchukuri (Defense Attaché). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the possibilities of cooperation between the Polish Association for Security and entities from Georgia in the broadly understood area of security.
The issue concerned, among others, the context of the NATO DEEP programme, the essence of which is to support the transformation of the Georgian higher military education system (HMES) in the areas of structure, training programs, improving the qualifications of instructors, knowledge of the English language, and implementing systemic solutions in the field of distance learning (e-learning). In the course of the constructive discussion, the possibilities of joint activities in the field of training and exchange of experiences in the field of security were discussed through the participation of representatives of the Georgian side in congresses, conferences, and forums co-organized by the Polish Association for Security. Interest was expressed in cooperation in international research projects, and it was agreed that the parties will be in constant contact, with the basis for action being a schedule to be agreed upon in working mode.