A representative of the Association participates in Defence24Day

On May 6-7, 2024, the next edition of Defence24 Days, the largest conference in Central and Eastern Europe devoted to defense and security issues, took place at PGE Narodowy. It was attended by representatives of NATO DEEP eAcademy (PhD Jerzy Tomasik) and the Polish Association for Security (CEO Jarosław Tokarczyk). The conference was attended by representatives of the arms sector and industries related to the security of citizens, enterprises and public administration. Representatives of the government, administration, military personnel, civilian experts, scientists and media representatives were present. Polish and foreign guests discussed the most important issues in the broad sense of security and the challenges facing Poland and Europe in global, civil and military terms. The discussion also concerned the current and future geopolitical situation.
It took place in 6 discussion panels:

  • Polish Armed Forces and Polish Defense Industry. Pillars of security of the Republic of Poland.
  • Technological revolution on a new battlefield. How to fight effectively?
  • Russia’s aggression against Ukraine as a generational challenge to regional and global security;
  • NATO and the EU – how to ensure Europe’s security.
  • Global security challenges.
  • Wargaming.